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Salmon Skin Knots

Salmon Skin Knots

These knots are Alantic Salmon Skin that are hand tied into a ball shape knot. Great a chew for all size dogs

They are a great tasty chew that will help satisfy even the fussiest of dogs

These long lasting chews are a healthy and delicious treat for your pooch!

They are rich in Omega 3 & 6 which prevent inflammation, improve mobility and ease pain in stiff joints, while also helping to improve the condition of the skin and coat.

Salmon skin is also rich in Selanium, which means these treat will provide lots of antioxidants and help keep your dog’s metabolism functioning properly.


Package contains 250g



100% Salmon Skin tied into knots


Nutritional Analysis:

Protein - 70.8g / 100g

Total Fats - 14.7g / 100g

Carbohydrates - 0.1g / 100g

Ash - 19.4g / 100g

Moisture - 9g / 100g

Energy - 1460kJ / 100g


Please Note: Salmon is a oily fish, therefore the goods will be oily

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