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Beef & Lamb Meal Topper

Beef & Lamb Meal Topper

With our Beef & Lamb Meal Topper you can achieve optimal health and enhance the nutrition and palatability of your dogs or cats meal.


Our pets bodies appreciate the different sources of nutrition, while their taste buds appreciate delicious changes on their palate. Variety brings excitement and interest to your pets meal.


If your pet is bored with their meals, or is feeling down & needs some encouragement the healthiest choice is pure 100% Australian Lamb & Beef Meal Topper.

All our ingredients are domestically-sourced for your pets nutrition.


No additive, No fillers, No enhancers, No preservatives


Our meal toppers are perfect for cats add some variety.


Just sprinkle over their food, dry or moist

You can add some warm water, mix to a gravy consistency and mix through meal dry kibble.


Suggested feeding amount


Small dog (between 1kg and 10kg) daily ½-1 teaspoon
Medium dog (between 11kg and 26kg) daily 1-2 teaspoon
Large dog (between 26kg and 44kg) daily 2-3 teaspoons
Giant dog (45kg or more) 3-6 teaspoons
Cats 1/2 teaspoon

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