Sunshine Coast


Treat pets to nutritional goodness

15th April 2017

While we may be in search of the healthiest options for ourselves, Abbey Sparrow asks us to spare a thought for our pets when it comes to nutrition. Through Smart Pet Treats, Abbey and her team set out to find a healthy treat for their own pets and were surprised at the ingredients and products being offered in reputable pet stores across the world. Abbey said that as the name suggests, Smart Pet Treats has one goal in mind: to educate and raise awareness of the food that pet owners are feeding their furry family member.

"We're challenging the idea of mass-produced, preservative-laden pet treats because our treats are made from wholesome Australian ingredients - mostly single ingredients - and packed full of nutritional benefits for your pet,” she said. "Smart Pet Treats offers an array of treats that are suitable for all ages of pets, including those with specialty dietary needs. "From small liver training treats to long-lasting deer antler and with no preservatives or additives to prolong the shelf life of our produce, all treats are packaged weekly to ensure we are providing the freshest product to our clients, unlike stor- bought items that sit on shelves for months at a time. "Baked goods are baked fresh weekly and need to be refrigerated after a few days to ensure their freshness and prove that there are no nasties for the pets consuming them.”

Looking through the Smart Pet Treats website is almost like a café menu for pets with baked goods including fluffy carob cookies or peanut butter and banana cookies and even personalised cookies which allows owners to choose their own flavour, shape and message.

The beauty is, though, that cats and dogs are covered when it comes to tasty and healthy treats.

From their humble beginnings at Eumundi Markets, Smart Pet Treats in just over 12 months has been able to expand to many other locations around Australia. "We are grateful that we were able to launch our company and product range at Eumundi and we enjoy Eumundi's laid-back, pet-friendly environment,” Abbey said.  "In that time, we have gained over 10,000 customers and have a strong social-media presence. 

"We love meeting all pets and their families and enjoy sharing these photos through our social-media pages. "We are also introducing some great competitions and in addition to this, programs to help support not-for-profit organisations within Australia.”


The Smart Pet Treats team are at the Eumundi Markets on Wednesday and Saturday but also the Cotton Tree Markets every Sunday, the Peregian Markets every first and third Sunday of the month and Kawana Farmers Market every Saturday.